Introduction About


Hi, my name is BirdaoGwra and I am the sole writer and developer of my site. As you have guessed, I am a cumputer graphics enthusiast.
From my childhood I have been always attracted to 2D arts. Whether it is still or animated.
I got attracted to computer graphics and programming when I started to play 8 bit console games on tv.
I still like to play 8 bit console games on tv, rather than playing games on computer or mobile.


Mostly my contents are for video games, desktop or mobiles. I will keep uploading assets for 2D or 3D games, for you to download, whenever I will finish one.
I will provide most of my assets freely to use in games or movie or any other 2D/3D projects.
I will also add links of my 3d works, which I have uploaded on other wesites. Like, deviantart, 3dexport etc.


I will keep updating my website with new models and other assets whenever I will finish one. Thank you so much for stopping by my site.


If for any reason need to contact me, please Use this Form to contact me.