Website : My Personal Blog

- Part 8 -

This is the second part of personal blog website design called: Constellation. Created for making blog for bloggers.
Here I have added the media query for tablets and mobiles. It should now work with tablets and mobiles.
To remove the fa-bars button from desktop, laptop and tablets, you will need to add below codes in your css file.


#open-btn {
display: none; //This will remove the fa-bars icon
font-size: 2rem;
color: #000;
transition: 0.5s;

And in your mobile media query add this code above navbar.


/* Mobile */
#open-btn {
display: block;

This is a single page website. You can add more pages according to your need. You might need some adjustment for your own web page design.
I am going to add more pages for menu: Galaxy and menu: planet for this website. Meanwhile, you can check the part 1 of the design here: Personal Blog Part 7.

My personal blog image

If you want you can watch the video on youtube below for a better reference.

You can download the file below and change it as you want.